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The inception

The stained glass studio is opening its doors in the autumn/winter of 2021. It has been a while in the planning, with clearing a space at home to turn into a workshop without disturbing the rest of the household.

I have worked hard and long to hone my skills, starting with projects for friends and family, but mainly spending a full year working on my hallway door, all 10 panes of it. This was my first project and I must admit that I was more of a little surprised at how nice the door turned out when finished.

This led onto other projects and more experiments until I got pushed by my friends to start pimping my skills out and try to earn a small income from them.

The Process

stained glass door reflecting pattern on the floor.

  1. It has to start somewhere, and for me, the first step is to get the ideas from my head onto a sketchpad.
  2. Once the drawing is done, it needs to be made stained glass compatible (removing hinge points, making sure there are no “impossible” shapes to cut.
  3. Cut a pattern and make a second drawing to sit the glass on.
  4. Cut the glass (this may involve some swearing and at times some blood, not for the faint-hearted)
  5. Wash the pieces
  6. Assemble the piece (copper foil and solder or lead came)
  7. Wash the flux of the panes.
  8. If I use lead came, I then have to add cement to the piece and dry it.
  9. if I use the copper foil method, apply the patina then clean and use car polish to buff and protect the solder! (Plenty of elbow grease needed)


I just love to create stained glass items, from mirrors to window panels and suncatchers, lanterns, you name it, nothing has scared me yet…  I can work from a photo, and bring the subject to glass. 

So if you want something unusual for your home, that will truly reflect your personality, or a gift with a difference for a special person. Please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

See you soon hopefully.






I have been creating stained glass panes for the Borrby lanterns from IKEA and all panes will fit these lanterns, only the 2 side panes are the same size, with the door being smaller and the pane facing the door of another size all together.

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