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I have known Dina for about 20 years, our children attended the same school, life took us in separate directions for a few years but we reconnected about 3 or 4 years ago.
Dina is a talented book writer who is just about to launch her 3rd book, 2 of the songs lyrics she has written have been picked by a country music producer this year and being promoted.
Looks and brains, this lady has it all....

All of these pictures are for sale on prints, some are already on Photobox, if there is something you would like but not on photobox, please drop me a line and I will make it available. These electronic pictures are copyrighted so please do not use without my written authorisation.

Halloween 2015

We are never too old to enjoy Halloween and use it as a reason to get dressed and get the spare room kitted out as a studio (well sort of) and get some lights out....  We were going for the sophisticated look of Morticia Gomez of the Adams family and I think we pulled it off.

Let me know what you think.

Hello Sir


lovely jar

Yummy jar

spell wand at the ready


2 fingers

surprising jar



broken wand

Fire  room

i'm waiting for you

Beach session

It's the middle of September and what better way to entice the summer to stay a bit longer than taking the camera and friends to the beach for a quick morning photos session?





Harley Davidson shoot

These pictures were taken at the Farm House, in St John, the bikes kindly provided by the guys from the Harley Davidson Club.

Pictures are available to by from my Photobox gallery.

Picture 1

Because I'm worth it

Picture 4

Dina playing guitar in front of a Harley Davidson

Picture 2

Dina sitting on a Harley Davidson

Picture 3


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