Skate/Cycle the airport runway 2016

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The early bird…

They say the early bird catches the worm, for me, it’s more the case of the early photographer catches the picture!

Sunday 31 July, 06:15 am, I got picked up by my friend Hilly, who had organised this mad event, trying to rally skaters to go up and down the length of the runway to raise funds for charity. This year it was for the Jersey Cheshire home.

This year, a second charity joined the skaters with keen cyclists raising funds for the Jersey branch of the British Red Cross.

After the important safety briefing from Matt, we were let in the airport compound, and yours truly got to ride in the bus bringing up the rear of the pack to pick up any stragglers.

Photos are available from my instaproof account or, where you can also see a slideshow of the images.